Folk Through a Psychodelic Blender

The Woodworks

Folk Through a Ten Year Psychodelic Blender

Down by the Ol’ Pig Canal

Rating: 4 out of 5.

As The Woodworks began their session for Hookworm Records with Bob Hoag (Flying Blanket Recording) , he turned to me and said, “Wow, I didn’t know The Woodworks were this rockin’!”  My answer, “Yeah, their creative range is amazing.”  Want proof?  It is this record.  I have been a fan of The Woodworks for about four years now.  They blew me away from the very first time I saw them at Crescent Ballroom.  That opinion has done nothing but grow in glow.  When Solo is at her best, it is when she is able to completely capture her voice AS AN INSTRUMENT.  It is quite amazing, and this album showcases the powerhouse of a vocalist that she can be.  In the studio, after about two takes with Konstantin, Bob said, “Wow, Stan is a helluva drummer!” 

The Woodworks

Again I nodded with a huge grin, “Yup.”  Down by the Ol’ Pig Canal is an eight song extravaganza of range and fun.  The standouts to me: In the Cell, what a rocking alternative rock anthem! Once upon a time I taught English Literature.  When teaching the scene in Hamlet where Laertes is leaving for college, and his father gives him a list of advice, I would use Will Smith’s Just the Two of Us to engage with students.  If I was still teaching, I would use Letters.  How can you resist poetic life advice from a guy named Beer who wears a kilt?  You cannot.  Choices is just a swoony, melodic masterpiece.  It shows the amazing range of this band in one solid single.  Error is a fun, B-52s-esque, trippy, psychedelic throwback to Biz Markie.  Yes.  I wrote that.  And I stand by it.  Freaking genius.  The fun mayhem just gets even more chaotic and atmospheric with Just Beat the Devil Out of It.  5 Standouts out of 8.  That is solid.