Fuzz & Fury



It’s Fun to be Nothing

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I like to consider myself pretty well rounded as to the Arizona Indie Music Scene, but honestly, I do not think I have really even scratched the surface.  By the time Hookworm Records was looking at Shovel, I had never even heard their music, and I still have not seen them live (August !!!).  But what I lacked in personal experience I made up for with well positioned network connections.  You see, Dusty Rose, front woman extraordinaire of the power trio, filled in for Meliza, the guitarist for The Darts – US, when the band toured Europe and Meliza was unable to make the trip.  That is a pretty awesome resume addition, so wanting to know a little more, I reached out to Nicole Laurenne and asked her why. 

“I have always loved Dusty’s raw abandon on stage,” the charismatic, but reserved (when not on stage) leader of The Darts began, “her dusky, gravelly vocals, and her true appreciation for fuzz guitars and big sound.  She really, really gets it.” 

Nicole Laurenne

And that, kids, is how you get your band signed to a contract for an original song when the guy signing the paper has never heard you before.  Sometimes, the people you impress really matter.  Since that time I have doven completely into Shovel’s full length EP It’s Fun to be a Nothing: a twelve song sonic assault that is nothing at all About a Girl but raw, emotive, garage fuzz that somehow surfs this crazy Wave of Mutilation like a Titanium Expose.  And yes, this band screams a little Pixies blurred through a whole lotta Sonic Youth Goo and somehow ends just a shade south of Nirvana.  Pretty stellar.  Can’t wait to see em live!  Stand out songs on this record: Space Heater, Monty, Ooze Ooze, Satan’s Inside, With You, Clouds are Fun and S/Y.  A solid, grungy, slug to the face, if you like your punk edgy, check out SHOVEL! 

With Presales of HookwormONE going strong, the first single from the project Fly Swatter hit KWSS 93.9 PM on October 1, 2021, making the Dani Cutler Show once again the FM Radio debut of Arizona Awesomeness!