Shiny Dangerous Rock n Roll

Chrome Rhino

Shiny | Dangerous | Rock n’ Roll

I Think They’re After Me

Rating: 5 out of 5.

When I reviewed the debut album from Chrome Rhino, it had not even been named yet.  And I fell in love with it immediately.  When I wrote my original review, I played heavily into using movie clips to highlight my take on each of the songs. What Chrome Rhino is able to do is weave themes and motifs like: Love, Sex, Drugs and Strange Occurrences…. And then mash those themes up like a Monster Mash. You can do the mash…… The Monster Mash….. and that feeling, with that voice over I know you just heard in your head, is the madness that will dream and whip into reality at a Chrome Rhino Show.

Zombie Vision

Folks, I know, I am a horror guy, and this album is a sure-fire-win for the guy who weaves music into a new literary genre. However, this record is a lot of fun. I can imagine Bob Hoag just smiling away over there at Flying Blanket Studios dreaming of all of the awesome old school horror movie soundtracks he has on vinyl. Yeah…. this record kinda makes you feel like a kid again, running down the street right before sundown with your plastic pumpkin and your vinyl costume from the variety store. Laughing, jumping, staying up way too late and watching old creepy movies, and eating way too much candy with the Ghouls and the Goblins. Thank you Chrome Rhino, thank you for taking me there.

Covering Alice

Stand Out Tracks: I Love You, But I Know You’re a Robot, Zombie Vision (BANGER !!!) The Butterfly, Potions, Soma Holiday (LOVE IT), and Phlebotomy… and folks, that is not to say that Love and Bigfoot and Swamp Daddy are not awesome.  I mean seriously…. If you liked Oingo Boingo at all, this one should be in your collection. Think Oingo Boingo… by way of Bowie. Yeah… seriously.