What We Do…

Hookworm Records was founded in a conversation between two friends that had been around Arizona music for a long time. It just always seems that no matter what era, or what band you are talking about, when you get out of Arizona, we always just seem like the little cousin to LA that tries really hard. But when you look around, when you get out there, the depth of talent in the underground – is pretty amazing. That conversation turned into a dialog about three key concepts. Excellence. Authenticity. Community.

Hookworm Records is at heart a passion project. What good business isn’t, when it is born? We are passionate about the music and independept spirit in Arizona. We are passionate that a business should not profit off of the artists it collaboarates with. We believe that given the ability to showcase that talent at the highest standard, there is world-class talent right here in Arizona. We are passionate about proving it. We welcome you to come with us, and dig into the Underground.

Flying Blanket Recording Sessions

We put premiere Arizona talent in the studio with Bob Hoag to create an original single to release on vinyl.

The Wayback Sessions

The Wayback Sessions is Arizona’s Premiere YouTube Channel for original content from Arizona Independent Bands. As Wurmz, Hookworm Bands are automatically slated for an episode with Adam Carter and Studio B on The Wayback Sessions!

Hookworm Records Presents…

We are an indie record label working hard to promote world class talent in Arizona. Part of that is bringing you that talent on a live stage.

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