Who We Are…

When you hear the term record label, you think of several things: what bands did/ will you sign? How will you market my band? How long will it take for us to tour? These are the questions the golden days of Rock n Roll, and movies like Almost Famous, and the onslaught of Rock Biopics have trained us to wonder. This world of musicians carving it out, fighting with their labels, and somehow becoming legends.

The world has changed. The world is changing. It is well documented.

Hookworm Records was founded on three concepts. Sub Pop records in Seattle in the late 80s and early 90s was a vision of exactly the kind of business we wanted to be. “Going out of business since 1988!” In those first defining moments we were just a few friends dreaming and scheming together, but the more we spun the idea the more we reminded ourselves of Pavitt and Poneman.

The magic of early Sub Pop Recordings, was this strict sense of, you don’t know us, but you will. They were able to create a need for their records, even if you did not know the bands. You knew their vision. And you could feel it. You bought a Sub Pop album, for Sub Pop, and the treasure you might find as those unknown tunes cascaded through the chamber of your tiny bedroom where you hid for sanctuary with the hopes of new discovery. Recordings should be exciting: concept one.

Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) brought a similar rebel yell to the deserts of southern California at Rancho de la Luna. Desert Sessions became on ongoing experimental recording session out in the heat, and the scorch and the dust. And magic happened. Josh invites artists of all kinds to record something new, something totally unexpected. And he showcases those recordings with such reverence and passion, it is contagious. Desert Sessions became a vision of the Muse that Hookworm Records wanted to tap into. That vision of authentic challenging of normalcy is concept two.

The final piece of Hookworm is quality: not only in terms of great music, but excellence on all levels. Presentation, artistic excellence, the absolute pinnacle of sound engineering. Sub Pop took Indie music to places it had never dreamed to go. But, times are changing. Hookworm developed a model that would showcase the deep wealth of Indie talent in Arizona, by instead of signing bands, signing and sponsoring singles.

Hookworm ONE features 4 original songs – all future records will feature 6.

Hookworm is about art. It is about breaking normalcy, and elevating a cultural medium that has gone numb in a world of easy access and lack of authenticity. And in that world, what really rises to the top, are beautiful products that you are excited and proud to own. The joy of being able to create those products, fills us with hope.

And we all need some hope.

“Oh Arizona, yeah, gotta love ’em; they sure do try hard.”

said…. nobody

By investing in singles, Hookworm Records is able to put the entirety of their passion into creating compilation volume albums that showcase the wide breadth of Arizona talent. Hookworm does not sign bands. We put bands into the best recording studio possible, and turn them loose to create with a master. And prove themselves to the world. We instill in them our faith. We do that by inviting them to a project.

The Man Flying the Blanket

My goal is to give a band the very best version of themselves possible.

Bob Hoag – Flying Blanket Recording

Each Hookworm record showcases 4-6 Indie bands that spotlight the amazing diversity of our state. That is a tall order for a small record label, but Hookworm believes that is the missing link in a world on fire. Time. Care. Precision. Reverence to the culture we preserve. On each and every song.

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