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Hookworm Compilation ONE
For Immediate Release: Hookworm Records Press Release

It’s an all consuming number that’s as aggressive as it is dreamy, the band is as fierce as they are frenetic, as electrifying as they are hypnotic, the contrasts found in their sound create a lush beauty out of this arrangement that defies explanation. Every member of the band comes out on top with this wax platter, from Beer’s bass line holding the low end down, to Bosch’s intricate rhythmic gymnastics, to Lounsbury’s guitar shredding–it’s a slice of alt-rock heaven. “Callus” is the perfect quintessence of The Woodworks, maximizing all their strengths to synthesize a sound that can only be uniquely theirs.

Mitchell Hillman

The grungy surf-rock psych of Shovel pummels you with wave after wave of crass thrash on the band’s 2018 album, It’s Fun to be a Nothing. This new single shows the band a bit more scrubbed up, shifting their raw charge into something a little more refined, but no less feisty.There’s plenty of the crunchy distortion and uncontained energy that Shovel is known for on this new track. 

Carly Schorman

Much like the British quartet that showed you the mysterious side of the heavens, The Psychedelephants share their point of view from the stage with guitars in hand. The four of them want you to question all you love, hate, and distrust and look to the “Triangle Sky” for the answers you seek. 

Jason Kiel

Paper Foxes have been working toward this sort of classic post-punk moment through a series of increasingly compelling efforts since they turned their back on the garage rock of their misspent youth and introduced a synthesizer to the mix, embracing a line from an early review that referred to their new sound as “post-punk death disco.” By this point, they’ve mastered the mystery that made those early post-punk records what they were. This is music that lives in the shadows.

Ed Masely